Message from Our Chairman

Though RD International School, statistically speaking is 9 years old but the Genesis of RDINS happened when I was school Student Myself. I dreamt of a school which would be a benchmark of educational standards in both India and in rest of the World.

The strong desire of building an institution of par-excellence, infact an institution-non pareil took us to various parts of the country to explore and understand the depth and vastness of Indian Education, the variety of curricula, the faculty, the infrastructure and the learning environment. The research gave us a vision of completeness where there are no lacunas of ignorance. Thus was born RD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

The way in which RD International is growing makes me feel proud and humbled at the same time. The growth is phenomenal and we are still reeling under the impact of such overwhelming response from all. Thanks to you for the faith you have invested in us.

The education industry is booming with confluence of ideas, technology & Research. While there is a paradigm shift in the way education used to be, the true essence of education is getting lost. In today’s world when moral values are fast disappearing from the dictionary of human beings and the world is corrupt, contaminated and criminal, within the peripherals of the school, we need to train children to be leaders of strong ethics and morals.

Our endeavour at RDINS is to make physically strong and mentally matured intellectuals of our staff, students and parents, it is the positive attitude of our staff, the students and the parents in the system which keeps us motivated and pushes us hard to forge ahead and excel.

We have a vision to see each one of our student becoming an Icon in the Society. We expect our students to explore, achieve and excel in the plethora of opportunities. It is said “Well begun is half done”. We have, I am sure begun well and with the good wishes of you all and the Almighty we are sure of our success.

Thanking you for your continued support and faith in us.